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Administration For Patent Pools

ADMINISTRATION FOR PATENT POOLS Patent pools efficiently provide multiple companies access to “essential” patents held by companies interested in licensing those patents, and offer an alternative to the negotiation of separate licenses with each pool licensor. Participating in patent pools helps technology leaders, ranging from medical device makers to high…
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Licensing Royalties

Protecting your assets and ensuring accurate royalty reporting. Licensing assets, such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property (IP), has become a dominant source of revenue for many businesses – requiring periodic reviews to verify that licensees adhere to contractual terms and licensors receive timely, accurate payments. Inaccurate reporting…
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Investment Administration

Investment Administration Acting in a coordinating capacity, we also offer investment administration services. Our business managers work closely with your investment professionals to provide a high-level perspective. These services include reviewing monthly investment reports, determining if current allocations meet expressed investment goals, and identifying possible duplicative strategies that create inefficiencies…
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